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Cirio processes only Italian tomatoes and operates an eco-friendly farming system to protect the environment.

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Ziti pasta with meat sauce Product Of Sicily


  • 750 gr carne di manzo
  • 750 gr carne di maiale
  • 300 gr SUPERCIRIO concentrato
  • 400 gr CIRIO Passata Rustica
  • 150 gr cipolle
  • 50 gr pancetta
  • 1 spicchio di aglio
  • 1 bicchiere di vino rosso
  • 100 gr burro
  • Olio extra vergine
  • Prezzemolo
  • Sale e pepe


Chopped big meat and season it with raw extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Thencutintotinypieces the onion, garlic and bacon . Put on everything in the saucepan with the oil and butter. Just begins to frylet the pieces of meat by lowering the heat to low and cover with: the meatshouldcookslowly for abouthalf an hour, turning the meatoccasionally and adding a little 'of water to keepit from burning. Nowdiscover the pot and add the redwine, a littleat a time and allowingit to evaporate.

Afterleaving evaporate all the wineincreased the heat and add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste SUPERCIRIO stirringoften, when the tomato becomesvery dark, addtwotablespoons, and so on untilyoufinished the concentrate. Finally, add the Passed Rustica Cirio. This stage takesabout an hour and a half and itisimportant to be to turn over becauseitisofteneasierthan the tomato burndoingeverything to take a slightly bitter taste.

Nowadd 2 ladles of boiling water again Cover the pot on lowheat, keeping an eyeoccasionally and adding a little 'of water ifnecessary. After 2 hours of cookingverified and addsaltifnecessary

Cook the pasta "Ziti" and once cookeddrain and season with the sauce. Serve with a drizzle of extra virginraw and decorate asdesired