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Are you a Consumer?

These are our FAQs.

Why all the products in the website are not available in the store?

The majority of the products on our the website are available in stores, as the aim of this site is also to be a general catalogue for the customers of different countries... Therefore it may also happen that products available in UK are not available in DE yet, or viceversa. The good news is that if you can see the product in the website, it might come soon in your store: so, stay tuned and look for our skus on shelves!

Where I can find Cirio’s products? 

You can find cirio products in all kinds of stores, like supermarkets and convenience stores, but also in smaller shops like ethnic grocery stores and gourmet food stores, and on-line.

Are your tomatoes really Italian? Don't they come from China?

Our tomatoes come from our fields which are based in Italy.

Our fields are spread out all over italy, especially  Emilia-Romagna, Puglia e Toscana.

Is Cirio an ethic brand?

We are a cooperative of farmers, fairly paid for their work and efforts We condemn every kind of modern slavery in the fields and unfair commercial practices.

We undersigned an ethic code with our commitments to respect every stakeholder inside and outside of the company, included the final consumers and…the environment.

What do you mean with “organic products”?

By organic products we mean all those products that come from Organic Farming, a system of production that respects the health of man and the environment in all its different phases, excluding the use of any synthetic chemical product and any genetically modified organism, in order to preserve and improve the characteristics of the soil and that respects the health of people and the environment.

Being a cooperative means taking care of nature as much as we take care of our farmers.  We are constantly updating our agriculture techniques to preserve the environment.


Cirio considers a product organic when it is produced by methods complying with the EUROPEAN standards of organic farming. Standards to consider a product organic vary worldwide, but for us organic farming means using practices that do not deplete resources, promote ecological balance, and preserve biodiversity.

What does “precision agriculture” or “farming 4.0” means?

Precision agriculture refers to a series of strategies and tools that allow to optimize and increase soil quality and productivity through a series of eco-friendly and highly targeted interventions, thanks to increasingly advanced technologies.
It is called "precision" due to the most modern tools used to carry out the right intervention, in the right place, at the right time, responding to the specific needs of individual crops and individual areas of land, with a high level of precision.
Technologies are used first of all to collect data and information that are used to make decisions on how to improve production and secondly to implement the necessary sustainable corrections to achieve this goal.

Why we should consider Cirio’s product healthy? 

Our products are grown according to “integrated farming” and “precision agriculture”.
By “integrated farming” we mean we subscribed a voluntary contract agreement with our consumers that we commit to deliver -70% UNDER THE LAW LIMIT for of any eventual additives; also our farming techniques are modern but integrated with ancient and ones to boost the natural quality of products. 
For “precision agrifarm” see above.
Without any doubt we can affirm that our products are healthy and tasty!

What variety are your tomatoes? 

There is no specific name of the tomato variety we use for our chopped tomatoes or to make Passata, but we use round-shaped tomatoes that are supplied by seed companies and have a proper technical or invented name (in capital letters) such as: HEINZ 5108 (Furia-Heinz), TS 500 (Tera Seeds), JAG 8810 (Monsanto), PIETRAROSSA  (Clause), DELFO (Nunhems), HEINZ 3406 (Furia-Heinz), HEINZ 2206 (Furia-Heinz), LEADER (I.S.I. Sementi), FOKKER (Nunhems), SUOMY (Syngenta), VULCAN (Nunhems). 

Do you use BPA (Bisphenol) in your cans?

We do not use bisphenol in the lining of our cans

What is the white lining of the tins? 

The white lining present in the intern part of our tins is a lacquered possifenol surface. Its main function is to prevent rapid oxidation of the inner product. It is in no way harmful to the product.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians/vegans? 

YES.Our core range of tomato products, Cirio Chopped Tomatoes, Cirio Plum Tomatoes, Cirio Passata and Cirio Puree are all suitable for vegans and also our range of vegetables is. 

Are your products gluten free and suitable for coeliacs?

IN GENERAL, YES, the basic tomato products (peeled plum tomatoes, tomato puree, passata, chopped tomatoes, ....), the basic vegetables products and our range of jams are free of allergens; only some tomato sauces that contain particular allergens (celery or others, depending on the ingredients used) have a clear indication of the allergen on the label. The absence of allergens includes the absence of risk of cross contamination during manufacturing.
Exceptions are Cirio La Napoletana, Cirio Pasta Sauce Arrabiata which contain gluten traces and Cirio Pizza sauce because it will contain some herbs with gluten presence, due to cross contamination on the field. also, some ready meals (such as legumi and cereali, chili veggie and baked beans) could contain gluten traces.

We always recommend carefully reading the label to check for allergens

Are your products Kosher or Halal certified? 

Many Cirio products are Kosher and / or Halal certified depending in which factory they are produced. Please enquire via our contact form if you would like this information for a specific product, quoting the product description and the production code which is printed on the packaging. 

Do your products contain citric acid?

Very few of our products contain citric acid, always declared on the ingredients list. 
The natural pH of tomatoes is normally in the range 4.2-4.5. To have a shelf-stable product with a shelf-life of about 3 years at ambient temperature the canning industry  'pasteurize" the product. The only process used is at room temperature the cannind industry pasteurizes the product at room temperature the cannind industry pasteurizes the product

Sometimes it happens that the natural pH of the tomato (raw material) is a little above 4.5, for which a very small amount of citric acid is added to bring the pH back into the natural range values of 4.2-4.5.
In this way the thermal pasteurization process used is always effective and the finished product is stable throughout its shelf life.
Citric acid is not a 'preservative', but is used only as an 'acidity regulator'.

Are Cirio Chopped Tomatoes peel and seed free?

Our Cirio chopped tomatoes are peeled and deseeded however due to the nature of the process we cannot guarantee that every single can will be 100,00%  free of peel or seed. There may be the odd ones where some peel or seeds remain.
If you are looking for a product that is free of peel and seed then we would recommend you consider Cirio Passata Sieved tomatoes, as the tomatoes are peeled, deseeded and passed through a fine sieve so we can guarantee that all seeds and peel have been removed.

Why has the ring pull broken off when opening?

IT IS OK. There is a knack to opening the tins. The ring pull must be lifted to at least 90 degrees so that the seal is initially punctured before attempting to peel the opening section slowly and steadily back until it can be pulled off completely.
If the ring pull has already broken off, please use a standard tin opener on the bottom of the tin to access the product.

What is the safest pack for my kids?

TETRAPAK (CARDBOARD) can be opened with no tools required. also, our tomato paste comes in tubes and coupelles that are easier to open. Watch the tom spot!

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