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Conserve Italia's commitment to environmental sustainability reaches a fundamental milestone. At the end of a process carried out in collaboration with the University of Genoa, the food cooperative consortium obtained the EPD Process certification (Environmental Product Declaration) from the international body DNV GL – Business Assurance. This recognition states that the processing of Environmental Product Declarations are carried out by the company in accordance with the "The International EPD System" program.

Thanks to this recognition, Conserve Italia can now independently manage the process of Environmental Declarations, that is reporting through a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) a study of the environmental impact of products.



Thanks to customized warning systems and the development of smart control applications, Cirio agriculture looks to the future with determination. After a long and careful experimentation on advanced and “smart farming”, Cirio is now ready with its ‘’Precision agriculture” project on industrial horticultural crops, to improve the management of water resources, fertilisers and other additives with the University of Studies of Milan, the University of Genoa and the CICA from Bologna, as part of the Rural Development Program.

The new operational method means farmers can perfect and minimise the usage of water, disease remedies and fertilisation additives and can decide on the perfect moment for picking at the top ripeness. The nutritional status of crops is constantly monitored by means of fields’ sensors as well as weather Doppler forecasts to reduce the need for irrigation, or other treatments. An application on the farmers’ mobile phones connected to satellites, allows them to monitor all the green cycles: the seeding, the growing, fertilisation, irrigation and the harvest.

This leads to premium produce and an unpolluted soil.



For us, the environment is not an abstract place; it is the place where we live,  the land on which we work and from which we get our fruits, the legacy we will pass to our sons and daughters! Reducing the environmental impact of our activities, throughout the life cycle of our products, is not only a must, but simply a natural choice for us.

We have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 19,000 TONS each year, the consumption of approximately 4,000 cars. We are becoming more sustainable in every phase of our processes, from production to transport, ending with the recycle of waste. Since 2006 we have established a consortium for the construction of wind farms in the Foggia area. The wind energy we produce (180,000 MWh / year) is more than enough to cover our entire production.


In our Pomposa factory (FE), a biomass system has been used in operation since 2010 which allows the re-use of processed raw product waste to produce electricity. The system, thanks to a controlled anaerobic digestion, transforms the mixture of methane and CO2 produced from vegetable waste to fuel that is then used to produce electricity (which is used by the plant, covering about 30% of its needs).

we respect the natural

Our production is always linked to the land and to what it offers us month by month: we study the characteristics of the soils and ancient cultivation cycles to determine which varieties of fruit and vegetables are better for a specific field, climate, and in the different Italian regions.

We use this procedure to be sure we are respecting the environment and the land on which we work, but also to ensure the excellence of all or products.

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